Summertime is a time for picnics, trips to the coast, and lots of fun. At MINI of Burlington, we also think it's a great time to focus on driver safety. The following tips will help you manage the sun's glare on your next road trip.

Maintain more space around your vehicle, so you have more time to steer away from hazards. Combat glare by lowering your vehicle's sun visor and wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses. Keep your windshield clean on the inside and outside to makes it easier to see.

When it's hard to see, driving with your headlights on will increase your visibility to other Shelburne, VT drivers. Focusing more on the painted lines and markings on the road itself can also help you stay safe when it's difficult to see. Test driving a vehicle with enhanced safety features can help you more effectively navigate glare-filled situations.

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