Have you ever wondered why so many people need a jump start during the dead of winter or on the hottest day of the year? Here at MINI of Burlington, we want our customers to be well informed about how the weather affects different aspects of your vehicle and what you can do to prepare yourself for these situations.

Most batteries do fine on a typical day to day use, but when the weather gets extremely hot or extremely cold you will notice a decline in its abilities. Here in Shelburne, VT, your battery's efficiency can drop by 50% during the coldest days in the winter. During the hottest days of the summer your battery's overall capacity is actually increased, but with the side effect of decreasing the lifespan of the battery. When your battery goes through too many hot and cold cycles it will eventually die.

If you feel like your battery is on its way out or if you have more questions regarding battery maintenance, you can stop by our service center. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have about caring for your vehicle and they can even test if your battery needs to be replaced.

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