Many motorists don't know the difference between summer wiper blades and winter wiper blades, while some aren't even aware that a difference exists. With our heavy winter climate in Shelburne, VT, our dealership suggests that you think about installing winter wiper blades on your vehicle. Consider the following advantages.

Winter wiper blades have a heightened ability to keep your windshield clear in winter weather because of the way they are constructed. A sturdier frame is, perhaps, the most noticeable difference. The absence of slots in the frame doesn't allow ice and snow to become clogged within its structure.

Along with a more solid construction, winter wipers have a protective shield that further prevents the collection of snow and ice. The blade itself is made of a soft, pliable rubber that is made to withstand colder temperatures. Blade components such as silicone and Teflon also help remove ice and snow.

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