Your life is busy. It can't always be put on hold because there is four inches of snow lining the road. Vehicles are quite the investment, and you will make the most out of the investment as a vehicle owner if you equip the ride with the right kind of tires; the right kind of tires depend on where you live and drive. We at MINI of Burlington know the importance of understanding the difference between all-season tires and winter tires.

Versatility is a great thing, especially when you consider what can be discovered on the roads. Most cars are going to leave the factory with all-season tires. They are built to have a long tread life, be functional all-season long and offer a relatively quiet ride. There are plenty of all-season tires to choose from.

Winter tires are more specific to a place that experiences a long, cold winter. One that sees plenty of snow, black ice and blizzard conditions. Don't be shy and stop by to get your tires swapped in favor of winter tires for the season.

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