The Smart Way to Buy a Used Car

We at MINI of Burlington want to help clear any confusion about buying a used car in Shelburne, VT. It's part of our initiative to maximize local car owners' happiness. Consider the following tips.

First, know your car-buying budget. This will save you time during your car shopping experience. Arrive at the lot with a vision for how you will use your newly purchased used car. This will help you define the type of vehicle you need.

Learn about Vehicle History Reports. They're a government mandated tool that helps you discover any big events in a used car's past. A clean VHR points to a good used car to buy. Also, always test drive a car before you buy it. You need to know how driving it feels and whether it makes any surprising sounds. Finally, only select from an inventory of cars that have been evaluated by a certified technician before being added to a used car inventory.

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