Android Auto Overview

Android Auto has become the most in-demand infotainment software in the country. Drivers love Android Auto because it allows you to instantly connect to your smartphone. You can see all of your texts, playlists, calls, weather, news, stocks, and navigation through Android Auto now. This app allows you to connect to Google apps flawlessly, so you can use Google Maps to navigate the roads as well as Google Play to access other apps and music.

The main benefit of Android Auto is that you can remain safe when you drive without having to use your hands to look at your text messages on your phone. You can simply use Google Assistant to command your phone to text and show your text messages on the dashboard screen.

Android Auto is available in almost all vehicles, but there are some that haven’t opened up to this new software. Want to test drive the latest vehicles Android Auto updates? Stop by MINI of Burlington located in Shelburne, VT for more information.

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